Yes, I opened a tattoo shop in Norwalk CA!

Hand In Glove Tattoo 13303 San Antonio Dr. Norwalk CA Photo Credit: Joel Bull Photography @joelbullphoto (IG)

After working in the Los Angeles are for the past 15 yrs I finally decided it was time to make something of my own. I’ve lived in Norwalk for about 14 of those years. Always commuting to the SFV, West Hollywood, West LA, Culver City, and even Orange County! Most recently, I left my friends at Three Kings LA in Highland Park. As some of you may know, I was diagnosed with type 1 Narcolepsy in 2014. It completely changed my life as I knew it. I’m constantly adjusting to the changes, curve balls, commorbidies that come along with this neurological disorder. This effects how I schedule tattoo appointments and my availablity/presence in a shop. That being said, in order to make sure Im keeping a healthy balance with work and my demanding health issues, living a few blocks away from my shop here in Norwalk is my saving grace. While there is still more to discovered and learned about Narcolepsy I’m just thankful that it has not taken away my ability to make tattoos. I believe tattooing has saved me in that respect. So, it is with great pride and love that I open my doors to the city of Norwalk and absolutely anyone with a vision for their body. This is a family operated business. You might catch my oldest son Gavin helping out customers and keeping shop! If you’re looking for quality tattoos in the Norwalk area, please come see us or make an appointment online at

The idiomatic phrase,”hand in glove,’ refers to the collaboration of two parties or a close or intimate relationship. talk about co-operation, or in more specific senses, to address ideas of secrecy or discretion.

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