Always a pleasure to tattoo Amber. Thanks for coming to Los Angeles from New York for your tattoo. She’s gotten tattooed by me every year. I love it when my clients let me do my thing.

Elbow Rose

  Seems like I’ve been doing a lot of roses lately! Bring it on. I never get tired of doing them. Lately I’ve had some of the toughest clients in my chair. This girl didn’t even flinch when getting this elbow rose done. Tough as nails! Elbows are hard work and definitely aren’t the easiestContinue reading “Elbow Rose”

Black and Actual Gray Color

I’ve been using actual gray lately…and I’m really liking it! This was sort of difficult to do because the feet can be a sensitive spot to get tattooed. Sometimes it makes it difficult to execute a tattoo within a reasonable amount of time. This took a little longer due to the fact that my clientContinue reading “Black and Actual Gray Color”